Every day, new games and apps are popping up in Airspace. Developers are working hard to finalize their apps and update the ones already available, so we can expect this short-list of games to increase in both quantity and quality. Here are the best 5 games for Leap Motion so far.


1. Vitrun Air: this game is more than just a ball in a labyrinth. Its backstory is nicely set up, giving users a glimpse of its futuristic mechanical world where robots and traps will make it difficult to reach each space base at the end of the level. Sound and graphics allow you to immerse yourself in this additive game, spending hours before you even notice.

Vitrun Air


2. Sugar Rush: if you ever played Wii, at first glance this game will remind you of Mario Kart. However, Sugar Rush is a game by Disney, based on the world in the movie Wreck-it Ralph. There are also some key differences worth mentioning: for instance, you don’t need a steering wheel. Graphics are nice in this sweet world, specially if you have a candy crush (yeah, I’m addicted to that one too). While you’re driving, you’ll be able to hit competitors by punching them, something that adds excitement to the fact that you’re using gesture interaction.


Sugar Rush


3. Runes: I’m finally able to play a druid, similar to those in Clash of Clans or, if you’re old enough to remember, my beloved Warcraft. Runes has nothing to do with any of these last two though, other than requiring fast thinking and a proper strategy for battle. In this game you’re a druid drawing magical runes and fighting other druids. The beauty about this game (other than its excellent graphics) is that you get to play like a “real” druid, casting your spells with your fingers. Real interaction made for Leap Motion. That’s what I’m talking about.



4. Dropchord: I’ve been in love with this game since I first played it in a demo session during SXSW in Austin. Mastering this game might take some time, but once you get the gist of it you’ll be set for hours of challenges. In Dropchord, you’ll be playing with your index fingers, moving around some sort of electric cord and adding points to your score. Its visuals and musical background is very techno, so get ready for it.



5. Boom Ball: welcome to a mix of Arkanoid 3D and table tennis. Boom Ball is the perfect recipe to have old style fun… with new technology. The blocks and environment could have been better, but this is an arcade game and, at the end of the day, what really counts is how engaging it is. Simple and fun, so enjoy.

Boom Ball