Leap Motion officially launches tomorrow. Some customers have already received confirmation of shipment and it’s expected that on July 22nd the Leap Motion app store, Airspace, will be available for those who receive their units.

 Credit card charges from Leap Motion

There’s been a lot of buzz about this device during the past year and, of course, the past two months. After initial delays, the Leap Motion Controller has already shipped and customers will see a charge in their credit cards.

ModusLinks will be processing payments, so that’s the name you’ll see in your bank statement, although it’s also clearly indicated that is related to Leap Motion. For those pioneers that took the leap of faith and ordered their units in early 2012, they’ll see the original discounted price, while the rest will be charged $87.95 (don’t be alarmed if the amount is slightly higher: it’s called taxes). Anyway, depending on where you live, the final amount might change, but here in Florida we ended up paying $95.21

How to buy apps in Airspace

First of all, there are several free apps in Airspace where you’ll be able to take your #FirstLeap and give your Leap Motion Controller a proper test drive. If you want to purchase an app, you’ll need to include your credit card information. Apps start at $0.99 and prices are set by its creators, so you’ll see different ranges (not much different from the App Store from Apple or Android).