Lugus Studios is releasing a gameplay for the much anticipated game “Runes”, designed with Leap Motion in mind (and hands). That’s precisely what we like most about this particular game, the fact that it’s not an adaptation of a touch-screen game, but an original idea that comes to live through hand gestures.

In this game, you’re a druid whose magical runes will help him defeat his opponents. In order to be victorious, you’ll need to learn the different runes and cast them in perfect timing.

Harry Potter lovers, you’re welcome! Grab a pencil or a chopstick and use it as a magic wand. I can easily imagine one of my kids having fun with this type of game where they can go as far as their imagination permits.

Win a free digital copy of Runes.

Lugus Studios is giving away a free digital copy of the game for those who like Runes on Facebook and leave a comment on their page. They’re also asking for feedback to improve the game, which is an opportunity that gamers don’t get that often. According to the company, “the most epic comment [will be selected] as the winner of the contest on 30/06/2013”.

For more information about the game and the contest, check this page!