In the past, whenever I heard the words “finger painting“, I would imagine a bunch of toddlers splashing traces of paint all over the walls. Well, give them a Leap Motion and they might just do that… digitally.

I’ve always thought that Leap Motion will be a great ally when it comes to designing. Art Directors are used to their Wacom, while the mouse has been completely replaced. The Leap Motion Controller will surely provide another complement to design faster and better, serving as a quicker shortcut other than the combination of letters in a keyboard.

But going back to finger painting, I already wrote about painting demonstrations with Leap Motion during SXSW. The artist leading that show was in fact Jeremy Sutton, who’s now giving us a closer look at what he can do with both Leap Motion and Corel.

He uses not only his fingers, but he also uses a brush sometimes, holding it in the air as if he was coloring a real canvas in front of him. The result is amazing, fruit of probably tons of hours of tests.

Check out his work in the video below.